sábado, 3 de abril de 2010


Anna Moffo

HIGHER QUALITY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnHksDFHTQI&feature=channel_page&fmt=18

Perfomed by the Ambrosian singers. Directed by Charles Mackerras
(The score has an error around 3:07/3:08, the tenor and the alto line should say "and lord of lords")
The Ambrosian Singers is a small professional London choir founded in 1951. 
Haendel Le Messie Hallelujah Handel Aleluia Alelluia

Presented at the Upland Indonesian SDA Church on June 14, 2008 
The Junior Choir of Strathroy United Church perform Mozart's Alleluia as part of the Easter Sunday Service. 3/23/8 
Lebanese Soprano Ghada Ghanem performing with the Lebanese Symphony Orchestra at St Joseph Cathedral, in Beirut - Lebanon
Ghada is invited in December '09 to perform in more than 12 Cathedrals in South of France. 
Sábado de Aleluia


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Juliana Pires disse...

Olá! Neste sábado de aleluia, penúltimo dia de semana Santa, te desejo uma Feliz e Linda Páscoa!