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Schubert, Piano Trio in E-flat major, 2nd mvt.

Schubert, Piano Trio in E-flat major, 2nd mvt.

The second movement of Franz Schubert's piano trio in E-flat major, accompanied by a graphical score.

Q: Who is playing?
A: Sorry, I don't know (the performers in Premium Beat's recordings are anonymous).

Q: What are the instruments? Why isn't it three pianos?
A: Around the time of the classical period, the string quartet became a standard ensemble for chamber music, and its instrumentation became a reference point for other groups in which most of the instruments were the same as a string quartet but with one instrument changed. So, for example, when one of the violins was replaced by a flute, it was called a flute quartet, if it was replaced by an oboe, it was called an oboe quartet, etc. A piano trio comprises piano, violin and violoncello. (A piece with three pianos would typically be called something like "Sonata for three pianos.")

Q: Please tell me more about the composer.
A: You can read about Schubert here:

Q: Could you please do a MAM video of _________?
A: Please read this:



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